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Tobacco Products Importer FAQ

Tobacco Products Importer FAQ

Welcome to Delta Baco, a leading distributor of tobacco products. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of product marketing, sales support and customer service while taking care of your entire logistics operation from production through distribution.

FAQ for the Delta Baco® Tobacco Importer

In this section we collect the doubts of the tobacco importer or wholesaler who wishes to do business with us.

Terms and conditions of sale


T/T 50% down payment and 50% after finishing production before shipping, or if the invoice is more than 5,000 EUR from same FOB origin

T/T 100% full payment in advance, or if the invoice is not more than 5,000 EUR from same FOB origin


Sea cargo
All documents: include B/L (or Airway Bill/Road Consignment), COO, Phytosanitary, Invoice and Packing List

Air freight
All documents: include B/L (or Airway Bill/Road Consignment), COO, Phytosanitary, Invoice and Packing List
*Normally we send the complete documentation in advance by DHL Express
KLM/AirFrance – DHL Cargo, etc.


2.5 tons (1 container x 20ft FCL)

150 kilos

1 master box (1,000 cigars)


Our company deals on FOB terms due to price volatility in shipping. We do not affect any margin on postage: we do it at cost, after communication and acceptance. You can also send your own transportation agency to pick it up. We have established simple but efficient protocols for international transport with more than 20 years of experience in foreign trade. We coordinate all operations from departure to arrival to the satisfaction of you and your customs agents.

*If you prefer to acquire merchandise in transit in our European customs warehouses, extra costs may apply: ENTRY/EXIT. EMCS, EAD, since the merchandise would already be transported to our European warehouses. DELTA BACO is EU Tobacco Track & Trace System compliant.

  • The Airway Bill AWB is a contract between the airline and the customer. Be sure who is the Consignee (your Company and Address) and who needs to be notified NOTIFY: in case you use a customs agent or a different company as Forwarder, if you need to receive in a bonded warehouse: IN BOND. These data are equally important to issue the Certificates of Origin (COO) and Phytosanitary.
air waybill awb
Re-check carefully the Consignee and NOTIFY fields of your Air Waybill


Sending samples in our sector and with the wholesaler prices of our products does not make any sense. Our minimum trial order is 20 bundles or 10 boxes, enough to account for a first trial order.

If you insist, we provide paid samples: the shipping cost will be paid by the customer, and a small order fee of 35 EUR. No exceptions are made.

Time for preparing samples is in practice the same as a bulk order, as it implies FOB freight, Certificate of Origin and Phytosanitary. It is expensive, as it implies aforementioned documents, taxes, and bank international commissions.

Phytosanitary Cigars
phytosanitary cigars
Phytosanitary Cigars
Certificate of Origin COO - Cigars
Certificate of Origin COO – Cigars


Most of the time the insurance is included in the price of the transport. You can always take out additional insurance, with the beneficiary of the policy being the final recipient.


All merchandise is subject to taxes, and may have duties. Tobacco does not have a different treatment, possibly more than other merchandise, even though the taxes on cigars are lower than those on cigarettes. Check your local legislation. If you cannot afford to import tobacco, or are not licensed to do so, do not import tobacco.

The International Chamber of Commerce, ICC, determines three Incoterms in group D: DAT: Delivered At Terminal (port or airport), DAP: Delivered At Place  and DDP: Delivered Duty Paid (with payment of duties / taxes paid). Neither samples nor DELTA BACO merchandise are provided DDP: import taxes and duties must always be paid by the buyer. They can be delivered to the airport (DAT) normally to be cleared by the client’s customs agents (with delivery to the broker), or DAP, at the address of the client.

Exclusive distribution

All our factories work exclusively with KALYSIS IBERIA SL (Delta Baco). We do not sell tobacco of other brands. If you want to contact them directly you will only make life for the factories and ours more complicated.

  • We work in such competitive environments that the prices you can get from our partners will be higher than those you can get from the official regulated distribution.
  • The temptation, we are all human, can be detrimental to the relationships of trust established over the years, as well as in future commercial actions.
  • If you have received confidential information and use it, know that our alliances also include international law firms.

Tobacco Products Importer FAQ. Need help?

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