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Tobacco Raw

Tobacco Raw: Premium tobacco, Standard price.

Tobacco Raw

For cigarettes, RYO, shisha, or pipe-smoking tobacco

Virginia Tobacco Virginia Tobacco


Flue-cured in a barn heated by pipes, Virginia tobacco takes its name from the American state famous for its bright-leaf tobacco curing.

Burley tobacco Burley tobacco


A light tobacco that is cured by air over a number of weeks and is generally lower in sugar than other varieties.

Oriental Tobacco Oriental Tobacco


Sun-cured, aromatic and small of leaf: you might better know this variety by its common name, Turkish tobacco.

Tailor made smoking Tailor made smoking

Tobacco Raw – Tailor-made smoking

It’s not just the amount of tobacco in “roll-your-owns” that smokers control. Smokers can also alter the type of cigarette paper and filters they use.

Distinctive taste Distinctive taste

Distinctive taste

Our rolling tobacco brands each have unique flavor and aroma characteristics. Often these are more reflective of the actual leaf than many cigarettes.

Unique texture Unique texture

Unique texture

Fine-cut rolling tobacco is designed to be easy to handle and has very different burning characteristics to, for example, pipe-smoking tobacco.

Tobacco Raw & Technology

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