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Sales Policies and Manufacturer Code of Conduct

Sales Policies for Delta Baco Manufacturers

Delta Baco is a well-established and reliable global manufacturer and distributor of excellent tobacco products. Its strict quality control processes ensure that only the highest quality tobaccos are distributed.

Reasons to suspend a manufacturer account at Delta Baco

The main reasons that determine the elimination of representation and sale privileges and the consequent suspension of a manufacturer account in Delta Baco are:

  • Sale of counterfeit or counterfeit (non-authentic) products
  • Infringement of intellectual property and copyright of third-party trademarks
  • Manufacturer’s indifference in terms of responses to messages
  • Late shipments
  • Shipping of damaged products sold as new
  • Sale of expired products
  • Large number of defective products
  • High number of customer complaints

Therefore, we can summarize that a Delta Baco account is suspended if the Sales Policies are violated.

Sales Policies and Manufacturer Code of Conduct

All manufacturers are expected to meet the following standards when represented internationally by Delta Baco. Violation of them may result in suspension of your representation with Delta Baco.

Misuse of Delta Baco’s sales network

As a community, all manufacturers can access and benefit from Delta Baco’s international sales network. If a manufacturer does not respond to Delta Baco’s information needs to fulfill its tasks, or to diligently communicate data to complete sales network orders or leads , it unnecessarily occupies our resources, prevents other manufacturers from accessing it normally, and affects Delta Baco’s effectiveness and efficiency. Commercial catalog, images; Composition, weight and measures for sanitary registration or export, among others, are elements that must be provided or updated diligently.

Because customers need a shopping experience with high quality standards of service
Proforma invoice | BudgetThe next day
Shipping AgendaThe next day
Final invoiceThe next day
Requests for existing graphic or technical information: images, composition, cataloguesThe next day
Shipping defectsDelay of no more than one week over the estimated deadline
Failure to comply with the deadlineNot more than 10%
Material changes: rings, boxes, qualitiesNot more than 10%
Product ClaimsNot more than 10%
Deadline for response to complaintsIn 48 hours
Approval of proposed marketing actionsIn 72 hours
To avoid penalties in the distribution of Delta Baco in monopolistic markets (Spain)
Stock breakoutReplenishment in no more than 2 weeks

Sales Policies and Manufacturer’s Code of Conduct

Through Delta Baco you can reach millions of customers. We strive to ensure a wholesale and manufacturer buyer experience that is fair and reliable. Therefore, manufacturers are expected to comply with the principles of the code of conduct described below. Principles of the manufacturer’s code of conduct:

  • Complies with all applicable legislation and Delta Baco policies.
  • Keep your business data up to date.
  • Don’t use a false or erroneous identity.
  • It provides the complete and true export information.
  • It always acts with the objective of guaranteeing a reliable service for Delta Baco customers.
  • Do not list products in sales catalogs that may cause harm to Delta Baco customers.
  • Don’t behave in a deceptive, inappropriate, or offensive manner. This applies to all aspects and elements of your Delta Baco business, including:
    • Information provided as a manufacturer.
    • Information provided in your catalogs, images, or content.
    • Communications with Delta Baco or Delta Baco customers.
  • Never engage in activities that violate dishonest pricing laws.
  • Act honestly at all times. Misconduct includes, but not limited to, the following:
    • Behaviors that may be considered tampering or “cheating” with respect to any part of the buying or selling service.
    • Actions that could intentionally be harmful to other sellers, their perception, their catalog, or their ratings.
    • Check frequently the terms of your distribution contract, avoiding misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

Sales policies and manufacturer code of conduct, last updated: December 26, 2022

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