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Super Sampler Santa Clara España
Capa Flor Santa Clara España

A Secret Revealed

Of the scarce sublime Aztec tobacco. From the hidden origin of all tobaccos and seeds: the San Andrés leaf. You don't deserve it. But you can smoke it.

Capa Flor Spain

aniversario de Santa Clara

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Already in store El Plus del Fumador, La Palma

For the first time in Canary Islands, Premium cigars Capa Flor “A Secret Revealed”, hand-made in San Andrés Tuxtla, Mexico, in @elplusdelfumadorlapalma_. All its Long Leave varieties: Maduro, Habano & Connecticut. Limited Editions: the Super Samplers 10, cedar boxes and other pieces of the exclusive Mexican brand, with the increasingly recognized and appreciated aged and cured tobacco “NSABlack San Andrés. El Plus del Fumador La Palma. The best store for smokers. Santa Cruz de la Palma and Puerto Naos. Álvarez Abreu 57, next to Casa Tey, in Santa Cruz de La Palma.