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Tobacco Product Manufacturer’s Guide

Delta Baco will request your Product Catalog (list of products and presentations) and your B2B prices (wholesale selling prices).

  1. If yours is a traditional tobacco product, please check the  B2C retail pricesTobacco Product Prices for your own realistic Catalog B2B.


  2. For accessories and not regulated substitute tobacco products: simply think as you where selling in an eCommerce platform. You will receive your B2B prices less Delta Baco’s platform fee.

The Market is king. If your product does not have a realistic price for the target market, it will be challenging for us to represent your brand effectively.

Your catalog should reflect the passion you have for your own brand and company project. The Brand is everything. Whether it’s a brand for short leaf or long leaf, FMCG, or luxury accessories, quality is paramount at all levels.

Manufacturer’s Page

Please read the Delta Baco Manufacturer’s Page carefully. You can access it once registered and logged in. It contains all the necessary information to understand if Delta Baco’s business model aligns with your vision of International Expansion and Distribution, as well as our role as your International Representative.

We add always value to our customers: 100% of orders fullfilled. We adhere strictly to Sales Policies measures.

Our company performs EU-CEG and TPD laboratory analyses. Procedures that your products may need for their sale in Europe.

Starting from May 2024, or if your company already sells cigarettes or loose tobacco, you will need to be prepared to comply with Track & Trace.

We have two weeks to decide if we represent or not your company. Please, stablish one smooth agenda. If we do not arrive at one agreement it probably means we are not the right partner for representing you internationally or vice-versa.


During 20 years Delta Baco®, a KALYSIS Grupo entity, has been developing its own business technology, and has the import licenses for Premium cigars for Spain and the European Union. The company distributes and manufactures tobacco products worldwide.

  • Makes National and EU trademark registrations
  • Distributes to 14,000 points of sale only in Spain
  • It sells with commercial agents with a presence at the Point of Sale
  • Team of specialists in the best tobacco growing areas of Mexico, Nicaragua and the Canary Islands
  • EU-CEG European Health Register of Tobacco Products
  • SANTE EU importer number 05942

Contact Information:

Kalysis Iberia, SL
Calle El Greco 17
29749 Vélez-Málaga

VAT Number (NIF): ESB92451996

Phone: +34 952608193 & +34 686.500.726 (Mobile Phone & WhatsApp)

Legal Representative: Diego Antona

Registered in the Commercial Registry Nº 5 of Málaga in volume 3322, book 2234, sheet 45, entry MA-63693.

Legal Notice:

Kalysis Iberia, SL is a limited liability company registered in Málaga, Spain, with VAT number ESB92451996. It is registered in the Commercial Registry of Málaga in volume 3322, book 2234, sheet 45, entry MA-63693.


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