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Price of Tobacco Products Spain

Price of tobacco products spain

Price of Tobacco Products Spain

Searchable through the search window, DELTA BACO has compiled the prices of tobacco products from the Peninsula, Ceuta and Melilla in a single database (*)

(*) Source: Ministry Treasury and Public Function. From this page you can consult the current prices of tobacco products in Tobacco and Stamp Shops and Points of Sale with Surcharge in the Monopoly Area. The price documents remain organized into two sections: Peninsula and Balearic Islands and Ceuta and Melilla. In each section you will be able to consult the prices of the different kinds of tobacco products: cigarettes, cigars, bites, etc. The prices become updated through Resolutions of the Commissioner for the Tobacco Market published in the B.O.E.

In Spain, the price of tobacco products has witnessed notable fluctuations in recent years. In response to public health concerns, the government implemented multiple tax increases, resulting in higher prices for cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco items. A pack of 20 cigarettes cost approximately 5 to 6 euros on average, depending on the brand and location.

Furthermore, new regulations also introduced plain packaging to discourage smoking and deter potential consumers, which had a minor impact on the market. The government's efforts to combat smoking and its associated health hazards have led to a gradual decline in tobacco consumption, but the overall demand remains relatively stable.

However, the rise of alternative tobacco products like e-cigarettes and heated tobacco has also influenced consumer choices. As the authorities continue their campaign to reduce tobacco usage, it is likely that further price adjustments and strict measures may be implemented to curb smoking habits and improve public health. Despite these measures, the tobacco industry in Spain continues to thrive, with significant revenue generated each year.

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