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🇬🇧 Brazilian Company. Highly innovative product for the European market: Palestinha “straw cigar”.

📝 Signs a contract with DELTA BACO one week before Interabac.

📋 We register their brand and participate in Intertabac, where we find interest in wholesale selling.

📝 We register ROLO TABAK ™ in the EU-CEG European Health Registry.

📅 On September 27th, it is published in the German Ministry of Health (BVL), authorizing its sale in Germany.

Rolo Tabak Deutscheland
Rolo Tabak Deutscheland

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📧 For general inquiries or assistance, please visit the Delta Baco’s Manufacturer Form.

📱 You can also reach out to WhatsApp.

BVL Deutscheland
BVL Deutscheland

Cigarro de Palha

Cigarro de palha,” translated as “straw cigarette” in English, is a unique and traditional form of smoking that has its roots in Brazil. Unlike conventional cigarettes made with paper and filters, the cigarro de palha uses natural straw or corn husks. This distinctive smoking experience has deep cultural and historical significance in certain regions.

The process of making cigarros de palha involves skillful craftsmanship. The straw or corn husks are carefully selected, cleaned, and then cut into appropriate sizes. The tobacco is then hand-rolled into the straw, creating a rustic and artisanal cigarette. The lack of industrial processing gives these cigarettes a distinct flavor and character that sets them apart from mass-produced alternatives.

Brazil Tradition

In Brazil, particularly in rural areas, cigarros de palha have been a part of cultural practices for generations. A gift associated with traditional festivities, rural celebrations, and gatherings. The act of rolling and sharing straw cigarettes can foster a sense of community and camaraderie, with individuals bonding over the experience of crafting and smoking these unique tobacco products.

While the popularity of cigarros de palha has diminished with the rise of commercially produced cigarettes, they still hold a special place in the hearts of those who appreciate the cultural heritage and craftsmanship behind these traditional smokes. Some individuals seek out straw cigarettes for their nostalgic value or as a way to connect with a simpler, more authentic past.

It’s essential to note that smoking, regardless of the type of cigarette, poses health risks. As awareness of the health consequences of smoking grows, some communities are working to balance the preservation of cultural practices with promoting healthier lifestyle choices.

In conclusion, cigarro de palha becomes more than just a smoking habit; it appears a cultural tradition deeply ingrained in certain communities, reflecting a connection to the past and a way of life. The unique craftsmanship and social aspects associated with these straw cigarettes continue to make them a notable and intriguing part of Brazil’s cultural tapestry.

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