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The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) (2014/40/ EU) is a directive of the European Union (EU) which places limits on the sale and merchandising of tobacco and tobacco related products in the EU. The TPD aims to improve the functioning of the internal market for tobacco and related products, while ensuring a high level of health protection for European citizens.


This Directive entered into force on 19 May 2014 and became applicable in the EU Member States (MS) on 20 May 2016. Under the EU-TPD, manufacturers and importers of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and refill containers are required to report comprehensive information to the European Commission (EC) and (MS) on products which they intend to place on the market, through the European Union Common Entry Gate (EU-CEG).

EU-CEG Compliant

The required information includes, but is not limited to, ingredients, emissions, and toxicological data, with the specific parameters defined in the Annexes to Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2015/2186 for tobacco products and Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2015/2183 for e-cigarettes and refill containers. Following the EU-TPD in October 2017, a Joint Action on Tobacco Control (JATC) was launched by the EC. The general objective of the JATC was to provide support for the implementation of the TPD by the use of the EU-CEG.

EU-CEG Technology

EU-CEG is the information technology tool developed to provide a common format for manufacturers and importers to report the information required under the TPD. EU-CEG was designed to facilitate a harmonized reporting system that lessens the administrative burden for submitters, as well as enhances the EC and MS ability to compare data and ultimately regulate tobacco products on the EU market. Since May 2016, manufactures and importers are required to submit information through EU-CEG on any new or modified tobacco product including e-cigarettes and refills, six months prior to being placed on the market. Once data is uploaded and successfully passes a technical validation process, the data is directed to the relevant national data repository that is accessible to the EC and the relevant competent national authority. EU-CEG data are only available for analysis for those countries having signed a Data Sharing Agreement within the JATC. In our study, only 12 out of 27 EU MS signed this Agreement. EU-CEG adheres to the Regulation 45/2001 on the protection of personal data.

Note: Do not forget neither to register, with us or with your own industrial property agents, your Tobacco Trademark to conduct business in the EU.

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European Health Registry for New Tobacco Products EU-CEG. It is required for selling in Europe your new and novel tobacco products.

Delta Baco is one authorized European party to do so broadly in the European Union.

He makes unlimited health registry records for their DELTA BACO represented companies, a difficult and costly service for foreign tobacco companies willing to sell in a market of more than 450 millions of people.

If you want to sell by us, just we realize for 300 unlimited EU-CEG product presentations’ registries. If you have your own foreign sales infrastructure you could only require the EU-CEG.

The European Health Registry for New Tobacco Products EU-CEG service do not include the lab analysis and certifications that some tobacco products with additives could require. DELTA BACO mantains relationship with international labs when required, and could make an offer apart.

Introduction to EU-CEG

Under the European Union (EU) Tobacco Products Directive (2014/40/EU) (TPD), manufacturers and importers of tobacco products are required to report information to the European Commission (EC) and Member States (MS) on products intended to be placed on the market. We describe the distribution of notifications to the EU Common Entry Gate (EU-CEG) and identify key fields for improvement on reporting cigarettes or roll-your-own (RYO) tobacco.

EU-CEG Tobacco Products in Data

Overall, 39170 EU-CEG tobacco products were notified. This included 16762 (42.8%) notifications of cigars, followed by cigarettes 11242 (28.7 %), waterpipes 3291 (8.4%), cigarillos (n=1783), pipe (n=1715), RYO (n=1635), chewing tobacco (n=1021), novel tobacco products (n=839), herbal products for smoking (n=535), other (n=258), nasal (n=74) and oral tobacco (n=15). In cigarettes and RYO tobacco products, the proportion of ingredients notified in all countries that contained an unknown Chemical Abstract Services (CAS) number was 3.8% and 2.1%, respectively. The proportion of underreporting flagging of priority additives ranged from 15.9% in Malta to 41.3% in Lithuania, the mean proportion of underreporting of the variable ‘priority additive’ for the 10 countries together was 24.7%.

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