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Premium Long Filler

Premium Long Filler Cigars

In the world of cigars, we have premium and we have everything else. Premium cigars, the ones you love, are characterized by the use of better parts of the tobacco plants that are then treated lovingly to make a delicious smoke. Almost always, premium cigars contain long filler.

Simply, the term is self-descriptive in referring to the tobacco that goes inside the cigar. A premium cigar generally has between two and five leaves of filler tobaccos – generally seco, viso and ligero –, a blend. The whole leaves are long, folded or rolled together, and form a tube wrapped by a binder and wrapper leaves. Conversely, short-filler is made of chopped up leaves generally left over from the process of making premium cigars by hand. Short filler is used in several types of cigars that are either machine-made or a hybrid of short and some long leaves, commonly known as a Cuban Sandwich.

If you can, remember these words in Spanish: Tripa and picadura. The first is the term for whole tobacco leaves running the length of the cigar. Long filler. Picadura means chop, as in chopped-up tobacco. Short filler.?

Short filler, small pieces of tobacco, burn quickly. They get hotter faster. Long filler burns slowly, luxuriously even, and is mellower as a result. This becomes a big factor in contributing to an excellent cigar-smoking experience.

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